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We offer a range of stimulating sensory activities that encourage your child to explore his/her world.


We believe that babies use their sense of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch to make new discoveries and gain a better understanding of their environment.  

We aim to provide a safe, child-centred environment that is well staffed and resourced, where your  little one can happily play.


Our caring staff are attentive to your baby's individual care and developmental needs to ensure he/she feels contented, stimulated and secure.


We offer colourful, interactive resources and stimulating activities. Babies can enjoy playing on bouncers, rockers, jumpers, play mats, sensory toys and stacking toys. They can also listen to nursery rhymes, lullabies  and finger rhymes. These encourage your baby to explore his/her surroundings and experience the delights of new discoveries.

We appreciate that your child needs time to sleep and rest during the day to keep him/her healthy and happy.  


We provide a quiet cot room where your child can sleep safely and peacefully, as well as comfortable areas where your child can take a well earned rest from play.

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