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At Home From Home Children's Day Nursery nutrition and mealtimes are important aspects of a child's care. These are contributary factors in creating and maintaining healthy food choices and eating patterns to promote a healthy body and mind.


Our snacks and meals are freshly prepared and cooked onsite by our nursery cook, with the Food Standards Agency awarding us a '5 - Very Good' Food Hygine Rating.

All foods are sourced and purchased locally where possible, to ensure freshness and maintain nutritional value.


We have a comprehensive set of menus which include a variety of foods with a wide range of tastes and textures to encourage each child to enjoy a broad and balanced diet. We also have weaning menus ranging from first tastes to stage 2 to support you in this area of your child's development.


We strive to cater for the individual likes and dislikes of each child and any medical and/or dietary requirements.


Click here to view this week's menu.

Snack and meal times are important developmental and learning aspects in a child's day as they present opportunities for the generalisation of social and communication skills alongside gross and fine motor skills acquired.


Time and care is devoted by the nursery to ensure meal and snack times are happy, stress free social occasions, where children can relax and enjoy their food in comfort where their likes and dislikes are respected.


We take pride in the choice, variety, preparation and presentation of snacks and meals to ensure the children derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from these times of the day.

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