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Children's Day Nursery

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Adventure & Imagination


This children's area is designed to meet   the developmental needs of the 2 to 3 year olds and is suitable for adventurous and imaginative play.  

Hfh Rhs House

Adventure & Imagination

This area includes a themed woodland area where children can freely play in the tree house, follow  treasure pathways, cross sensory bridges, use the slide, as well as play in sand and ball pits. These activities encourage the children to use their imagination and develop friendships.  

It's A Small World 

Children can play with a wide range of Happy Land characters and scenes, supporting the development of their social awareness, language acquisition and imagination.

Create & Construct

This area is designed to stimulate the children's creative skills where they can enjoy a range of painting, craft, construction and musical activities.

Story Telling & Make Believe

Children can bring stories to life through puppet theatre, dressing-up, role play and multi-media.

Delicious & Nutritious

Children can enjoy  varied snacks and meals together in a light, spacious, pleasant setting.

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